Insights on his life

(Q1) Pastor B Madiba: Where and when was Pastor Harold Beckett born?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: Cape Town, 11 December 1948.

(Q2) Pastor B Madiba: What was the ambition of Pastor Harold Beckett as a teen?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: To serve others.

(Q3) Pastor B Madiba: How did you come across the Message of the Hour?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: In Johannesburg via Bro. Wille Retief.

(Q4) Pastor B Madiba: What made the Message of the Hour to be distinct to you from what was being offered at that time?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: I never understood but believed.

(Q5) Pastor B Madiba: When did you get married?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: 1971 October, in Johannesburg.

(Q6) Pastor B Madiba: You are a subject-matter expert on marital issues, and this is acknowledged by both the locals and people abroad. What advice can you give to the young ones when it comes to marital life?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: It is understanding your role and the temperament of your spouse.

(Q7) Pastor B Madiba: How does the state of families affect the temperament of a church?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: Once the person gets a true divine Revelation; it will influence the fellowship by humility and overcoming power. Most of the time the bulk of the people know the messenger but not his Message. Look at the Church of Moses and of Jesus Christ. It takes the Grace of God to bear and forbear.

(Q8) Pastor B Madiba: You once preached about the different stages of members of a family; mom going through menopause, dad going through middle-life crisis and kids going through adolescence. What advice would you give to such a family?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: Call in good counsellors and come under good stable and balanced Bible teaching.

(Q9) Pastor B Madiba: Menopause is often a misunderstood stage, especially in Africa, and we have seen its impact on the Branham family. What advice do you have for Brothers whose wives may be going through this phase?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: Read up on Menopause, talk about it. How can I handle this change? The problem is not the problem but the way you handle the problem.

(Q10) Pastor B Madiba: When did you heed a call to enter the ministry and what triggered this?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: I came naturally in 1972 just playing tapes first.

(Q11) Pastor B Madiba: What advice can you give to young men when it comes to a calling for the ministry?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: Be humble, don’t rebuke too much, listen, and be an example.

(Q12) Pastor B Madiba: You have ordained a lot of Pastors, what do you consider before you ordain a man for pastoral office?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: Some men are naturally called; others have ambitions. A real called man of God will have traits of humility and not look for fame, power and money; power comes with corruption.

(Q13) Pastor B Madiba: Do you think there is a smooth generational handover? Meaning do young men respect the role of elders such as yourself?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: In the Message, it is not always easy, and with different cultures, it differs.

(Q14) Pastor B Madiba: In the 1980s you were a loner when you rejected the thunders doctrine, and you were ridiculed. How did you manage to keep your head above the water in adopting the balance on the Word?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: It is to differ and yet respect and see the truth amidst the error.

(Q15) Pastor B Madiba: How can one identify a wrong doctrine? What are the tell-tale signs?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: It produces hatred, and separation and destroys fellowship. Pride sets in.

(Q16) Pastor B Madiba: I know you would prefer to avoid this area, but we need to put it on record that you have helped so many congregations financially on the continent. What makes you a good steward?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: I love to serve beyond the borders of my local fellowship.

Q17 Pastor B Madiba: Why do you think the established churches should help emerging sister churches?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: The old must always empower the young.

(Q18) Pastor B Madiba: Do you think we, as leaders in the Message Community, have mastered the art of conflict resolutions, and if there are gaps, how can we close them?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: We struggle because of pride but we need to listen and be interested in what others are doing.

(Q19) Pastor B Madiba: With the benefit of wisdom, experience and hindsight, if you could turn back the clock of time, what would you do differently?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: I would listen and respect more, and esteem others highly.

(Q20) Pastor B Madiba: How best do you want to be remembered?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: The way I would want to be remembered is that I respected God’s choice in Elijah and that I kept that Voice alive, and loved His people.

(Q21) Pastor B Madiba: What are your observations of young ministers, and what do you think they must be cautious of in the ministry?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: To have a good marriage, watch the opposite sex. Don’t get too close and become her personal friend. Don’t use the pulpit to fight!

(Q22) Pastor B Madiba: What is Pastor Harold Beckett’s heartfelt message to the Message Community, especially to the youth?

(A) Pastor H Beckett: Feed on the Message-slowly unwind yourself from social platforms. Be simple, and esteem others higher than yourself