Dear Mothers,

Today as the world reflects on the essence of motherhood, I thought that I should pen this letter to you as a mother. Let me start by saying, irrespective of how you feel, what you think and what you have experienced; you are a good mother in your own unique way.

There is a pleasant side of motherhood, and there is a not so rosy side of motherhood. The world will celebrate your love, care and nurturing spirit and only a few will celebrate your other side of motherhood. You have fought battles; known and unknown ones. You have survived storms; both silent and noisy ones. You had moments of certainty and moments of uncertain, but despite that you have never even for a moment checked out of motherhood. You have prayers that have been answered and others that are yet to be answered, and many of those prayers have nothing to do with you but for the people you are about.

There were times when your pillow was soaked with your tears for those you care about, and your heart ached about their well-being. Yes! I am referring to those behind-the-scene moments when you felt defeated as a mother, and you were at your wits end. You never gave up because mothers do not have a ‘giving up’ bone in them. Therefore, allow me to let you know that it is mothers like yourself who make nations not to fall apart. It is your aura that makes kids, even those who have not come from your own womb, feel safe. You are a heroine in the story of your own life, and you deserve to look in the mirror and deeply utter these words, “I am special in my own way.”

Let me assure you that all is going to be well, and God will see to it that you desires are realised. Yes, He has heard your silent prayers and He is working on them. He knows your imperfections, but it is what makes motherhood very special. He appreciates the beauty of your flaws, and He sees His love in the love you have for your children. You love your children when they are right and you love them when they are wrong, because a mother’s love is unconditional as God’s love. He too loves your kids; and on the basis on your motherhood He is obligated to protect them.

Prayers that you pray are recorded on God’s magnetic tape, and shall be answered even when you are no longer around. Therefore, I encourage you to say as many prayers as you can because you are assured of answers here now and even beyond the grave. Mothers’ prayers are never stopped by the grave, and many today are the living answers of their late mothers’ prayers.

On this special day, I say to you Happy Mothers’ Day & may God fulfil all your heart’s desires as a mother.