Acts of Kindness

“Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have.”

Eternal Life is living for others. (60-0925 – That Day On Calvary)
The world that we are living in is very dark, cold, and evil; this is not about to get any better given the escalation of evil.

The emergence of Covid-19 created ‘a survival of the fittest’ syndrome around the world, and it is now an ‘every man for himself, but God for us all’ era. Therefore, the world has become colder and gloomier for most people, especially the vulnerable. A recent report by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) backs up this assertion, it states that an estimated 23 suicides take place every day in South Africa, along with a total of 460 attempted suicides. What does it mean? More and more people feel alone and ultimately succumbs to mental illness, which its final manifestation stage is suicide or a suicidal attempt.

It is against the backdrop of this negative outlook; that I became teary to have heard of random acts of kindness by fellow believers for other believers among us, especially during these difficult moments in the history of humanity. I have heard of random acts of kindness that are taking place away from the eye of the public, and such acts have left a lasting impact on the recipients. Let me state categorically that many initiators of these good deeds do not even know that I know of these good acts, and some would even be surprised that I know, as they never said a word to anyone. However, recipients of these acts of kindness were kind to mention them to me or other believers, with a sense of gratitude.

I heard of a sister who spends time almost daily on the phone helping another sister’s daughter who is in a wheelchair with Mathematics, and I heard also of another sister who heard about a family that did not have much to celebrate their kid’s birthday, and she and her husband quickly improvised to make the kid’s day to be special. I was also moved to hear of a family that had nothing, but a sister called out of the blue to offer them a love token after being led by the Lord, and it reached my ears also about a brother who helped a brother with a temporary job for him to make a living for his family up until the retrenched brother got a job again. I was deeply pleased when a sister mentioned that she was taken by another sister to the shops to buy clothes for her kids, and she was shocked by the value offered for this gesture.

Many of the people who did these acts of kindness would not even want their names to be known, and it never even crossed their imagination that I would know about this.

Why do I mention these acts?

I want to paint a picture that despite the world becoming cold, believers are not conforming to it. They act as agents of kindness to their fellow believers, with zero expectations whatsoever. They help not because they are materially rich, but simply because they care deeply for those who may not be in the upswing of life. This is what I call Christianity in action! This is what I call an impact! This is what I call sacrificial love!

I encourage you to continue to warm each other’s corners as the world’s coldness keeps increasing out there, and what matters most God is watching your good deeds and will reward you accordingly.

With Love,

Pastor B Madiba